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Environmental Services

Nowadays protecting the natural environment has become a must rather than a should.
We have to change our destructive behaviour to safe our world and stop climate change, all it needs is a small contribution from all of us, and in addition your business will gain a better market image, a greener image.
In other words; a completely win - win situation.
So why wait? 

How can offices affect the environment?

What are the potential environmental impacts?

Offices can have a number of impacts on the environment:

  • air emissions, for example from boilers and heating systems
  • noise pollution, for example from car parks or site maintenance work
  • waste disposal, such as waste computers, printers or paper
  • water discharges, for example from sinks or washrooms.

How can Galapagos Support Services Ltd. help you?

Our guidance can help you:

  • avoid prosecution and receive less attention from environmental regulators
  • increase efficiency and productivity
  • reduce costs
  • be more likely to obtain business from government bodies and large businesses that require their business partners to manage their environmental impacts effectively
  • improve your business’ reputation amongst staff and the public
  • increase the chance of securing funding to expand your business – demonstrating that your environmental impacts are well managed can help show the quality of your business.

We cover all aspects of Environmental Management:

  • Waste Management.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Incident reports.
  • Prevention planning.
  • Guidance for Environmental licensing.
  • Staff training and support.