Galapagos Support Services

Quality Policy

It is the policy of the company to provide, in a caring and attentive manner to our customers, an office cleaning service which is entirely satisfactory by performing to stated customer requirements. Our name must represent excellence to our customers and to ourselves.

The achievement of high quality and consistency calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all activities associated with the customer’s order according to the principles of Quality Assurance.

The Quality Manual defines the management organisation responsible for quality. The Chairman has ultimate authority and responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality System. The Quality Manager is authorised and is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Quality System defined in this Manual and detailed in the Operating Procedures.

Management Review Meetings are held at least once per year at all the Directors of the company and the Quality Manager review the continuing suitability and effectiveness of the Quality System in meeting the requirements of our customers.

All operations will be carried out as described in the Manual and the Operating Procedures. Deviation from the procedures must be first notified to the Quality Manager. The Chairman is responsible for final approval of all changes to procedures prior to implementation.

This statement represents my commitment, on behalf of the Company, to the Quality Policy.

It is part of the Company’s training programme that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation.